Standard Crib Mattress Size

crib mattress size

Understanding The Importance of  Standard Crib Mattress Size

In stark contrast to the condition of consumer market in the past, in recent times, the number of manufacturers producing infant utility products has increased tenfold, to fulfill the gap between the consumer demands and supplies. As a result, the consumer market is flooded with a variety of crib mattresses in different hues, sizes, textures and designs.

Most inexperienced parents are often left with little choice, but to go by the exterior appearance than the actual practical use. Typically, standard baby mattress sizeis considered to be the best option for buyers as well as mattress manufacturers, but if the ideal size is not identified it can result into waste than any good.

To make shopping spree easier for parents, it is important to highlight the main platform on which the size of a toddler mattress is differentiated, namely— standard baby mattress and non-standard crib mattress. Setting all technicalities aside, the simplest way to determine the appropriate crib mattress is to follow the “Finger Test.” Now, the next question in your mind may be—

What is a Finger Test?

Insert two side-by-side fingers between the side of the mattress and the side of the crib or rails. If your fingers fit in effortlessly—low and behold— you have the wrong crib mattress for your baby’s crib. In other words, it means that the mattress is small for the crib. In that case, try the same test on a bigger mattress, if your finger snugs in comfortably between the side of the mattress and the rails, rest assured you have the right mattress size.

Talking about standard crib mattress dimensions, which are the most commonly available crib mattresses in the market, they may differ in length and width. Therefore, adequate measures are required to be taken since a mismatched crib mattress can be a cause of safety hazards. Hence, the standard crib mattress dimensions are best to be borne in mind before you purchase the appropriate crib mattress—

  • Appropriate length of mattress is 51-5/8 inches and 27-1/4 inches wide
  • Depth of the mattress is an important aspect that constitutes a safe, comfortable and viable mattress

Although it is recommended that you buy crib mattress slightly smaller than the crib, purchasing a mattress with same exact dimensions of the crib works just fine too. After all, the basic idea is to prevent accidents or injuries from taking place while the infant move around the crib and play with the crib or rails.

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