Crib Mattress Safety

Crib Mattress Safety

Your child solely depends upon your care and attention for everything, and this is why every parent should take crib safety very seriously. Many of us may be baffled by the very question of crib mattress safety, but accidents can take place if you are ignorant of precautionary measures. Unfortunately, almost every home has a crib in their homes, but few actually follow safety guidelines. Hence, it’s always better to be careful than to be sorry.

It is alright not to be aware about crib mattress safety measures, but it is definitely not okay to not learn it. To help most of the young and inexperienced parents for the possible occurrence of fatality or accidents due to crib mattress, the Consumer Product Safety Commission lays down safety tips and guidelines in the interest of the people. If you are not aware of it yet then the right time for you is now to educate yourself on crib mattress safety standards.

Things to be remembered:

  • Never put your baby’s back into a crib with firm and tight-fitting mattress
  • Do not cramp up the crib with pillows, quilts, comforters, sheepskins, pillow-like bumper pads or pillow-like stuffed toys etc.
  • Replace blanket with sleeper or a sleep sack
  • Make sure to use only crib sheet that fits the bottom tightly

Of all the crib accidents feared by most parents, loose crib sheets are one of the main causes of deaths due to suffocation, thus crib sheet safety is the cardinal guideline which no parents must miss out. Unlike ordinary crib mattress there are few glitches associated with organic crib mattress, but it is entirely not fool-proof. Having learned the basics of organic crib mattress safety isn’t the end of the lesson for those parents who uses allergy mattress covers because there are many safety areas that must not be easily overlooked.

Without wasting any more time, be the first to master baby crib mattress safety, and you could win a lifetime of contentment and good parenting. Read through the recommendations carried out by the Commission on what to check out for while buying baby crib mattress.

Baby crib regulations

  • Inspect the crib for any missing, loose, broken or improperly fitted screws, brackets or hardware on the crib.
  • Buy only tight-fitted crib mattress so that the child do not get tangled up between the sheet and the mattress.
  • Space between crib slats should be not more than 2 3/8 inches such that the baby’s body cannot fit through the slats.
  • Crib should be free of missing slats or cracks.
  • The height of the corner posts should not be more than 1/16th inch, and this prevents the baby’s clothing getting caught on the posts.
  • Avoid cut outs in the headboard or footboard as the chance of the baby’s head being trapped increases with these layouts.
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